Drive chain

The main products are four series of drive chain, conveyor chain, traction chain and special chain with more than 3000 specifications.



How can the drive chain be effectively maintained to last longer?

The transmission chain is a chain that drives movement. Its main function is to be used for transmission in mechanical equipment. There will be a transmission relationship in mechanical equipment. The good degree of operation directly affects the working condition of mechanical equipment. Therefore, the transmission chain Maintenance is very important.


Cold drawing machine chain structure and use method

The cold-drawing machine chain is divided into the chain product series according to the basic structure of the chain, that is, according to the shape of the element, the parts and parts that mesh with the chain, and the size ratio between the parts. There are many types of chains, but their basic structure is only the following, and the other is the deformation of these types. We can see from the above several chain structures that most chains are composed of chain plates, chain pins, bushings and other components.